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Pontotoc Vineyard Tasting Hall and Winery

Located just North of Fredericksburg, Texas, the winery will open to the public in 2014.+


Family Atmosphere & Intimate Environment

After establishing the vineyard and refurbishing the farm house, Carl and Frances purchased the turn-of-the-century sandstone buildings in Pontotoc, including what had been the grocery store, hardware store, post office, barber shop, and movie theater, with the idea of making the town into the center of viticulture and enology in the Northern Hill Country.  The five buildings form the historic downtown and stand facing the ruin of San Fernando Academy.  Over the course of a year, with the help of family and friends, they converted the oldest buildings, the grocery store and hardware store, into the Pontotoc Vineyard Tasting Hall and Winery.  Similar to the heurigen of Vienna and bodegas of Madrid, the tasting hall provides a family atmosphere in an intimate environment with exposed sandstone walls and an arched doorway that opens into the winery.  Their good friends, Alphonse Dotson and Martha Cervantes, plan to open their winery, Dotson & Cervantes, in the old post office.  Don Pullum, Pontotoc Vineyard’s winemaker, will have his Akashic Vineyard Winery housed in the historic barber shop.  All three wineries, along with the movie theater, which will provide a venue for film screenings, live music, and theatrical performances, will open to the public in October, 2014.  In the meantime, you may purchase Pontotoc Vineyard wines through direct shipment from Pontotoc Vineyard or at high quality grocery stores, including Central Market and Whole Foods, as well as fine restaurants and wine taverns throughout the state.